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Vivek Medical Students Scholarship Program

Professional education is becoming increasingly expensive, especially for students from poor socio economic background. Although there are numerous scholarship options, invariably, many poor and needy students are left out. There are many poor students, who are outside the reservation categories, who also do not have access to books. To meet these unmet needs, Karuna Trust has started Bangalore Medical college Scholarship program. This scholarship program is being sponsored by the alumni of BMC and late Dr. Iychettira Saraswaty Subbiah.
The students are selected based on their merit, socio economic condition and other sources of scholarship, either public/private. Students from needy family, irrespective of caste, creed and religion are chosen based on their interest and commitment to serve the poor or help other students by donating to the same scholarship program once they settle down or start earning.

The scholarship applications are open every year during the month of August and is announced on our website.

Number of students who have received a scholarship