Secondary Health Care

Secondary Health Care

 First Referral Unit (FRU) at Santhemaranahalli

Karuna Trust has started a First Referral Unit for emergency Obstetric and Neonatal care at Community Health Centre, Santhemaranahalli, Chamarajanagar District under Thayi Bhagya scheme of Karnataka Government in partnership with Diwakar Services Trust (FOGIS). A resident Obstetrician and well trained nurses provided 24X7 emergency obstetric and neonatal care including C-sections. An Anesthetist and a Pediatrician are also part of the team. Government reimburses Rs. 3000/- per delivery including the emergency cases and Karuna Trust pays Rs. 750/- per delivery as rent to the Community Health Center. More than 8000 deliveries including 1100 C- section have been done so far.

Vivekananda Eye Hospital

The eye hospital at Gumballi run in collaboration with Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology, Bangalore has been rendering free eye care services to the people of Chamarajanagar district. The following services are provided:

  • Screening, examination, evaluation and surgery for blindness due to cataract
  • Routine out-patient services, emergency eye care and correction of refractive errors
  • Annual screening and examination of retinopathy changes for hypertensive and diabetic patients
  • Comprehensive Eye care through Gumballi Primary Health Centre
  • The suture less IOL surgery for cataract costs Rupees 1000/- per case

Manasa Project

Care for homeless, mentally ill women in Mysore and Hyderabad in collaboration with Value Labs. The objectives of the project are: Establish care and support of homeless mentally ill in Mysore with facilities for rehabilitation; Enhance public awareness and gather support for care of mentally ill destitute; Centre for rehabilitation of homeless in Mysore and Bangalore in collaboration with Social Welfare Department and Government of Karnataka; Integration of basic mental health care with general health services in 27 PHCs in Karnataka; Advocacy for policy on mental health and homeless.