1. Mobile Dental Health
On realizing that there was a need to create awareness among the rural regarding dental health care, Karuna Trust started the mobile dental clinic, which is unique and has been first of its kind in the country. Dental health care in India has not reached beyond the Taluka level. Karuna Trust has taken dental care to the villages & PHCs through Mobile Dental Health model. A well equipped mobile dental unit is now accessible to the poor and needy of Yelandur and T. Narasipura Taluks in Karnataka.
2. Tele Medicine and Communication Technologies for Health Care
Karuna Trust acts as a facilitating organization to promote and share knowledge on issues of development, livelihood and education to people living in rural areas through the Village Resource Centre supported by ISRO’s VSAT connectivity. The organization has one Resource Centre at Mysore and 18 student sites located in rural areas in different districts of Karnataka. Information on weather, soil, water, agriculture, etc are disseminated through this programme.
3. Mobile Enabled technology for supply chain management of drugs
Karuna Trust has implemented a very innovative initiative to monitor the supply of essential and emergency medicines, vaccines, mental health drugs, etc. leveraging mobile technology to ensure zero stock outs of these medicines. This has been implemented in 28 PHCs in Karnataka in collaboration with Logistimo which funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The pharmacists are trained in usage of mobiles to record issue and receipt of drugs from their respective PHC which is monitored through a centralized digitized Dashboard installed at the Head Office in Bangalore.
4. Mainstreaming Traditional Medicine 
5. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is an essential part of the overall healthcare system and Karuna Trust is a trend setter in implementing EMS across its PHCs in Karnataka. In order to decrease morbidity and mortality at the PHC level by standardizing management of emergency patients through simple yet effective interventions, Karuna Trust started specific EMS in all the PHCs.
6. Promotion of Quality low-cost generic drug
Karuna Trust stocks and distributes good quality, low cost generic drugs from LOCOST, a voluntary organization. This is a novel initiative to provide high quality drugs at low cost to the PHCs managed by Karuna Trust.
7. Management of Communication disorders in PHC in collaboration with AIISH

Communication Disorder has been integrated as part of Primary Healthcare by Karuna Trust. Evaluation process of rehabilitation and its efficacy for prevention of communication disorder in three outreach service centres at three PHCs: Akkihabbalu in Mandya, Hullahalli in Mysore and Gumballi in Chamarajanagar Districts is in progress through Material Development, Selection of Volunteers, Orientation and Training, Door to Door survey and follow up.