Primary Healthcare


In 1996, the Karnataka State Government handed over the management of Gumballi PHC to the Trust as a unique and pioneering example of Public-Private Partnership in health care. This partnership allows civil society to engage with the government to help reach the unreached to provide comprehensive primary health care. Mother and Child Health care and all (RMNCH+A), Communicable (Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue, Leprosy, HIV) and Non Communicable (Blindness Control, Epilepsy and Mental Health, Diabetes and Hypertension) are important components provided free of cost. The standard features of a model PHC managed byKaruna Trust are:

  • Total responsibility of Preventive, Promotive, Curative and Rehabilitative Health services to 20,000 to 30,000 populations.
  • 24X7 emergency/ casualty services.
  • Outpatient Department.
  • Five to Ten bed in-patient facility.
  • 24X7 labour room and Essential Obstetric Care facilities.
  • Minor operation theatre facilities.
  • Availability of essential medicines and laboratory tests.
  • Management of sub centres attached to the PHC.
  • Community Participation through strengthening VHSNCs and PHC Committees.


The success of Gumballi PHC and its impact as a “Model PHC” have enabled the model to scale up in collaboration with State Governments and through CSR initiatives at Gottikere, Boisor, Kaiga and Rawatbhata. Karuna Trust manages Health facilities at the following places: Karnataka–36, Arunachal Pradesh–11, Meghalaya–11, Manipur–3, Odissa –8, Rajasthan–13 and Telangana-1.


Mobile Heath Units (MHUs) 

Karuna Trust manages 4 Mobile Health Units in remote tribal areas in collaboration with Government and CSR initiatives.

The services cater to the underserved, insurgency prone and remote areas. These are the areas that have remote habitations and are far from the PHC or have no access to any health facilities.



Karuna Trust has evolved several innovative approaches in delivering comprehensive primary health care.

  1. Integrating Comprehensive Eye Care into Primary Health Care:  Providing quality and affordable comprehensive primary eye care services in primary health centres including Vision Centres with spectacle dispensing units.
  2. Repositioning Family Planning in Primary Health Care in collaboration with Population Foundation of India: The project empowers women and men through Reproductive Rights approach to lead healthy and productive lives, enabling them to regulate their own fertility through acceptable family planning services with emphasis on spacing through temporary methods.
  3. Integrating Mental Health into Primary Health Care: Mental health services in primary care began in Gumballi PHC in 1996 with support from NIHMANS, and it is a practicing model of how mental health care and epilepsy control can be mainstreamed into primary health care. Community Mental health Programme is in place in most of our PHCs.
  4. Mobile Dental Health: Gumballi PHC has a mobile dental clinic equipped with essential equipments to provide dental care in remote villages on designated days. Fillings, tooth extractions, composite restorations, root canal treatments are some of the services provided.
  5. ICT in Primary Health Care:

    i. Logistimo: Mobile phone based technology for management of Vaccines, Emergency and Essential Drugs.

    ii. Comprehensive Primary Health ICT program in collaboration with EMC2

    iii. e-partograph with Blue Crimson

    iv. School Health with Cerner

  6. Management of Non-communicable Diseases like Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes and Hypertension in the primary health care.
  7. Mainstreaming Traditional Medicine: Ayurveda, Yoga and Homeopathy (AYUSH) in primary health care complementary to the existing system.
  8. Emergency Medical services: EMS kit with essential equipments and medicines for managing all emergencies at PHCs.
  9. Community Health insurance: Karuna Trust has successfully managed a Community Health Insurance program in collaboration with UNDP and Government of India at T Narasipur Taluka in Karnataka. At present we actively participate in the Health Assurance programs of the Karnataka Government.
  10. Model Urban Primary Health Care Centers (UPHCs): The health status of people in urban slums is worse than the rural poor. UPHSCs provide Comprehensive Primary Health care – MCH, management of Communicable and Non-communicable diseases.
  11. Management of communication disorders in Primary Health Care in collaboration with All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH).
  12. Model Urban Primary Healthcare Centers (UPHCs): The health status of people in urban slums is worse than the rural poor. UPHCs provide Comprehensive Primary Healthcare, Maternal & Child Healthcare, management of Communicable & Non-communicable diseases.